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Access student information, attendance, grades and announcements in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  

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Schoology is our learning management system.

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Please visit our district webpage for districtwide information.

Health Attestation Forms

Each student and staff member goes through a daily check-in process, which includes a temperature check and submitting a health check form.

Please click on the following links to view, download or print a form.

Additional Resources:

Peninsula School District Lead Nurse Miriam Atchison provides an overview of completing health attestation forms, which are required for all individuals in person on school campuses.



We invite you to view Kopachuck's full COVID-19 Site Safety Plan by clicking on either the button above or image to the right.  

This plan features information on entry screening, personal protective equipment, cleaning, and protocols for various aspects of the school day.  It will be updated periodically to align with current requirements and recommendations.  The most recent update was on 22 February 2021

Cover page of KMS site safety plan

Click the document preview image above to view the full plan.

Welcome to 3rd trimester!

Dear Kopachuck Families:

No doubt you all are anticipating significant change with the transition to the hybrid in-person or new remote learning formats. Our staff has been busy preparing for the start of 3rd trimester, Thursday, February 25th.

If you have signed up your child for in-person learning, to prepare your child we ask that you:

  • Help your child become used to wearing a fitted mask for long periods of time,

  • Show your child how much space is needed to be six feet apart,

  • Encourage your child to wake up and get ready for school as if in-person learning was happening,

  • Find the PSD-provided Chromebook cover that your child will need for safe carrying of this device while at school,

  • Purchase or clean up a backpack because students will not use lockers,

  • Gather basic supplies like pencils, small pencil sharpener, core-class notebooks already in use, graph paper if you have it, and a calculator. Please keep it simple since students are carrying everything with them.

  • If your child needs medications at school, such as an epipen, contact your medical provider for medication that you can leave with the health room.                                                                                                               

  • The following are 2-minute videos that give you and your children glimpses into the in-person environment:

Wondering about arrival

Wondering about hallways?

Wondering about lunch time

Students in the building are encouraged to wear layered clothing because Kopa’s HVAC is circulating more outside airflow. In addition, staff will provide outdoor breaks as needed.

Safety is up to each of us

We’re doing our part. 

  • We have arranged the Commons and every classroom for six- or nine-foot distances between each student seated or standing.

  • We have cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer throughout the building. 

  • We have clearly communicated expectations and will continue to do so. 

  • We have increased the airflow in our building’s HVAC system.

It’s up to each student and staff member to follow these four minimum preventive strategies:

  • Stay at home if you answer “yes” to any of the Attestation questions,

  • Properly wear a snug fitting and double-layer mask,

  • Stay at least six feet from people, and

  • Wash (or sanitize) hands frequently.

In addition to the top four preventative measures, high-touch spaces will be sanitized between each class period. 

We celebrate diversity at Kopachuck, so if students and staff wish to wear extra personal protective equipment (PPE), then in addition to a double-layered mask, a person could choose to wear a face shield, a second mask and/or protective eyewear, for example.

If you’re wondering about the remote environment, watch this video. The most important thing to remember is that our remote students are our Coyotes! We’ll find as many ways to help our students and families feel connected to Kopachuck. 

Encourage your child to check their “Class of” Schoology course to stay up on activities such as virtual clubs they can join. Also, encourage them to visit our counseling page that has helpful resources.


Heidi Fedore, principal and Nate Hudace, asst. principal


Who to contact

For general questions:Leslie Miller, 253-530-4100 or 

Enrollment/withdrawal: Debbie Michalke, 253-530-4105 or

For student support or schedule questions: A-K, Rachel Gilchrist, counselor, at or 

L-Z, Andrea Grafmiller, counselor, at


WEEKLY Bell Schedules

Hybrid in-person (Monday & Thursday Group A - Tuesday & Friday Group B)

First page of the PDF file: Hybrid3rdtribellschedule

Remote Only

First page of the PDF file: Remoteonly3rdtribellschedule

Supply Lists