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Principal's Welcome

Dear Kopachuck students, families, and community:

It is with excitement and PRIDE that I welcome you to the 2022-23 school year as the new Principal. Like any new member, I am taking time to get to know our Coyote pack and the strong foundation of achievement and tradition this building and district holds. Learning from each one of you, getting to know you personally, and building upon that relationship is something I look forward to greatly.

In my short time here, there is already so much to celebrate and take PRIDE in. Our community persevered through three years of turbulence with online learning during a pandemic and the beginning of construction. Our pack maintained flexibility and resilience and made gains in their learning knowledge and connections with each other through it all. This is truly something to be proud of and I want to thank all of you, students, families, and staff, for committing to laying the foundation of our upcoming year of work. The traditions and structure of high achievement created a base for students and families at Kopachuck. This is the starting point from which our pack grows. 

Right now, our walls may be physically torn down, and the roof full of holes, however, we are confident that our students will be walking through the new main entrance on the first day of school, in awe of the outcome of the hard work and dedication our construction crew showed this summer. We tore down walls, and broke through the floors, to create something beautiful upon a structure that was already strong.

But Kopachuck is more than walls and roof. 

Kopachuck is a place where all Coyotes belong and feel welcome. A place where the pack, like coyotes on the hunt, work together to attack challenges head on. Working together to accomplish outcomes becomes a greater goal than individual successes. 

There is a communal pride that is felt walking through the doors of a newly constructed building. Seeing the bright and shining beauty of architecture that leads to an overwhelming feeling. It is our hope that we will continue to build upon that feeling together as a whole. Your partnership in shared communication, high expectations, and common beliefs will only strengthen the core of our pack. Together, we will create an environment and culture that will promote and grow confident and compassionate young people. 

This year too will bring change, and with that change we will stand tall and strong on our foundations to ensure that all Coyotes have a sense of belonging. They belong here.

Looking forward to our work together. Filled with PRIDE to be a Kopachuck Coyote.

Kelsey Parke
Kopachuck Middle School, Principal


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